American Honor Ale House celebrates the spirit of 20th Century America. Located in the historic Hollar Mill, the Ale House reflects the striking aesthetic of the time while embracing the passions our forbearers held for innovation, liberty and achievement. Generations of farmers, laborers, entertainers, financiers, inventors, producers, and soldiers each in their own ways contributed to this remarkable age. Through hard work and determination, they created their own destinies while building future generations. …The ‘American Way.’

It is our mission at American Honor Ale House to provide creative & inspired hospitality to every guest. Our culinary and brewing teams each give great care to the delightful flavors you’ll experience with our food & beer each time you visit. If you stop in during the week, there is a good chance you’ll be able to view the brewing process through the huge glass windows overlooking our brewery. We welcome inquiries about private parties. Also, ask your server about our brewery tours coming soon.

– Imbibe in Spirit! –

Ale House